Eldred Theater to present off-Broadway social satire

“Lobby Hero” premieres on Feb. 13

The famous production “Lobby Hero” premiered on March 13, 2001 in New York City, but this month, Eldred Theater is bringing the play to Cleveland.

The plot of “Lobby Hero” revolves partly around a 27-year-old security guard named Jeff, who oversees an apartment complex in Manhattan and his supervisor, William. Jeff is a procrastinator who is miserably living with his brother and trying to pay off his many debts while suppressing his dreams of having a career in advertising. William, on the other hand, is much more stable and rigid. The plot unfolds when William’s brother is accused of murder and asks William for an alibi. A conflict between his inclination to help his brother and his weighty respect for the legal system consequently arises.

This clash between allegiance and truth is also probed by “Lobby Hero’s” remaining characters, Bill and Dawn, who are a pair of policemen. Dawn is a rookie, while Bill is experienced, yet corrupt.

Freshman Ren Weeden, who portrays the role of William, encourages the Case Western Reserve University community to see the production because of its special qualities.

“It’s more than just a comedy or drama…it’s a social satire,” Weeden explained. “With all of the events happening in the news, it is important to understand the complete impact that social issues have, and ‘Lobby Hero’ represents that, whether it be through the plot or characters.”

Other undergraduate actors include Nicole Corbin, Duncan Schulte and Jason Sleisenger, who fulfill the mix of characters within the play.

Weeden brings up the point that the play and its characters are relatable.

“My character, William, struggles to stay in control of his chaotic world and often gets overstressed just like most of us,” said Weeden. “These characters are real people going through real things, and it just so happens that we get a glimpse at their incredible lives. In that sense, ‘Lobby Hero’ isn’t just a play, but a mirror.”

Play: Eldred Theatre presents “Lobby Hero”
Location: Eldred Theater
Dates: Feb. 13-22
Price: $5-$10