Escape the heat, without lake diving

Cleveland, Ohio has a lot to offer someone looking to escape the sweltering heat. But for the most satisfaction, don’t look north (to Lake Erie). Some of the best ice creameries in northeast Ohio are right by campus. So take a step back into summer, find some shade, and enjoy a big scoop pure, wondrous joy from one of these sweetshops.

Lactose intolerant? Never fear; these locations also serve dairy-free sherbet or sorbet!

Mitchell’s Homemade

Within walking distance of North Residential Village, Mitchell’s Homemade’s newest location calls Uptown at University Circle home (11444 Uptown Ave). However, the local Glaciers (official title for frozen dessert chefs) also have seven other locations strewn across the northeast Ohio area, and pints of the handcrafted goodness are available at many grocery stores. Being the closest to home, though, one can easily get a relief from the relics of summer heat without chasing down a truck blaring jingles.

From lavender honey to caramelized chocolate to Great Lakes Porter chocolate chunk, the unique seasonal flavors are enough to entice someone to make a trip. Single and double scoops are available in cup or cone, but the milkshakes are to die for. But you’ll get the most bang for your buck if you you’re your own scooper and buy a pint from the store with which you’ll receive three gift-wrapped sugar cones.

All in all, this is the best location for a quick fix. Every flavor will make you sit back and wish the sun never set, because that means you don’t have an excuse to eat more ice cream, right? Wrong.

Sweetie Fry

The classic Wendy’s combination of a Frostie and fries just got taken off the menu, and the option expanded into a corner store at 2307 Lee Road. Down the road from Cedar Lee Theatre, this is the perfect escape to get the worst-for-you dinner: a heaping pile of specialty French fries (pizza? French fries? No, you’re not skiing; that’s a menu item) and a scoop or three of delicious frozen recipes you can watch Chef Keith Logan create.

Although the potatoes are amazing, if you’re on a budget, cut them out and go straight for the good stuff. Maple bacon is a mandatory scoop for all meat eaters, whereas brown butter walnut satisfies the savory craving of vegetarians. If you can’t make up your mind, you can also order little bite sized scoops- free of charge- on top of your scoop/s to give you a taste before you commit too much to any combination of flavors.

There’s no direct way to get there by public transit, unless you’re up for taking the #32 bus up Cedar Road from Stearns. But you’d be losing some serious time needed for enjoying some of the most savory treats you’ll eat near campus.

Sweet Moses Soda Fountain & Ice Cream Shop

Ladies and gentlemen: find your polka dot dresses, short-sleeved button downs (respectively), and “Gee Golly” spirits. The décor, fountain workers, and general vibes of Sweet Moses take you back to the days of penny candies but keep you reminded that you’re still in the 21st century. This hopping socialite’s hangout has just the right amount of sass to keep you coming back for more.

They make the classic flavors you can find in any old ice cream shop. They have a few rotating feature flavors that depend on the season and the decisions of the head Glacier. However, you’ll never find another sundae like the Gordon Square. Naming it after its home arts district, the storefront keeps the most glorious mound of Bananas Foster ice cream, homemade brownie, hot fudge, and caramel behind its doors.

Have a hungry crew? Consisting of 7 hungry people? Then try to tackle the Terminal Tower. In short: 10 scoops. 5 toppings. An incredible mountain that only appeared in your childhood dreams comes to life. Your stomach may not be happy with you afterwards, but it won’t stop you from conquering it.

Again, this is sadly not a straight shot on public transit. Coerce your friend that has a car to take you, and neither of you will regret it. If you feel like you haven’t eaten for days, Happy Dog is right down the street, and is open at 2:30pm on the weekend for you to grab a dog and as many of the 50 toppings as your heart desires.

Honey Hut Ice Cream

This Cleveland staple has been around for almost 40 years, and diehards show no signs of stopping the pilgrimage to the various locations. Honey Hut calls Brunswick, Solon, Edgewater Beach, Parma, and Brecksville home, but the closest location to campus is at 4674 State Road in Cleveland, which is also not easily public transit (a trip on the Red Line and a transfer on the #20 bus? No thanks!). However, it is well worth your while to coerce your friend with a car (again) for round two of reliving summer nights.

Tons of flavors and friendly to your wallet, Honey Hut is where you want to be by the end of your ice cream extravaganza. The traditional place to go when you’re craving the frozen dairy treat, you can say hello to any of their friendly staff like your neighbor and sit down on a bench and enjoy the last remnants of summer you have left.

Sorry to break it to you, but the school year is here, and you can’t have the lifelong summer you’ve always wanted. So gobble down your sorrows while it’s still warm enough that you want to melt in your residential hall.