Euclid Avenue Starbucks undergoes renovations through the end of the month


Chris Heerman/The Observer

CWRU students can look forward to the Euclid Avenue Starbucks reopening on Sept. 30 after undergoing extensive renovations.

Cameron Ward, Staff Writer

We have reached every student’s favorite season: there’s a cool breeze, golden leaves are floating onto the ground and the Pumpkin Spice Latte is back at Starbucks. Nevertheless, students looking to get their quick pick-me-up on their way to the Case Quad have been unable to since mid-August, when the Euclid Avenue Starbucks closed for renovations. Luckily for those missing their coffee, however, the store is planning on reopening by the end of the month after receiving a necessary remodeling. 

According to workers on site, the renovations were well overdue. They said that the store manager had been very eager for the renovations, calling them a “much-needed” overhaul of the store. It is normal for a retail or commercial space to be updated every few years or so, and it seems this Starbucks store had been delaying its routine facelift. The renovation is good news, and not just for cosmetics, either; all of the equipment will receive an overhaul too, meaning there will be better coffee and smoother service for customers. 

As to exactly what changes are being made, almost all aspects of the store are seeing shifts. The store is looking to improve efficiency with new machines and updated workspaces for baristas. To accomplish this, there will be a second workroom added, which will hopefully decrease preparation time and improve efficiency, and the bar space is going to see expansion as well, allowing the baristas more room to work. All the shiny new equipment will be dispersed across these spaces. For customers, the experience will also be changed with new seating arrangements (such as window seats), tables and a new door placement. 

For those of us who don’t care what the store looks like and just want our coffee back, relief is on the way. The renovations on the infrastructural side should be done by next Wednesday, barring any supply or shipping delays. The space will then be handed back to Starbucks for the finishing touches, with a projected reopening date of Friday, Sept. 30. I’ll be fine as long as they open before it’s Peppermint Mocha season.