Exciting tournament comes to a close

The Slooty Sloots win Intramural soccer championship in impressive fashion

The intramural indoor soccer tournament has been a captivating one to follow, as various groups on campus battle it out in an effort to be the last team standing. Who was the last team standing, you ask?

Let’s recap the tournament:
In the first round, Dix Knotz Revival eliminated Phi Kaps. Bringin’ Sexy Plaque defeated Delta Sigma Phi Mu by a 7-2 final, while Delta Iota Kappa shutout MSA 4-0. E-lemonators snuck by BME SunDevils 3-2. One and Done advanced with an 8-1 triumph over Victorious Secret. Learned Foot survived No Casualties by a 3-1 score. Theta Beta blanked Weatherheaders 4-0, and futbol team kept their hopes alive with a 3-2 victory against Fiji. Finally, Koala moved on to the next round with a win against Theta Chi Redshirts.

The second round provided plenty of memorable matches. Slooty Sloots eliminated Dix Knotz Revival, while MMMM advanced with a 7-2 triumph over Sigma Chi. Bringin’ Sexy Plaque eked out a 5-4 victory against Zeta Psi. Delta Iota Kappa moved on by defeating Honey Badgers 7-3. Wengers’ Coat won 5-1 over The Gunners to advance to the next round, while CIM joined them with a thrilling 2-1 victory against Weatherhead. The Sports Fiesta snuck past E-lemonators 4-3. Macroballs shut out Delta Tau Delta 3-0. Delta Chi also had a shutout, defeating Phi Psi 4-0.

Something or Whatever survived a 9-8 slugfest against One and Done. Accelerators advanced with a 2-1 win over Team Melli. Learned Foot defeated The Meat Flanks 3-1, while Theta Beta eked out a 2-1 win against Red Hot Chili Players to advance. Schrodinger’s Team moved on after eking out a 3-2 triumph against futbol team. MI6 advanced with a victory over D-Boys with the G-Packs, and Delta Sigma Phi defeated Koala 5-4 to keep their season alive.

Round three began with the Slooty Sloots defeating MMMM by a final of 7-2. Delta Iota Kappa advanced with an 8-3 win against Bringin’ Sexy Plaque. Wenger’s Coat shut out CIM 3-0, while The Sports Fiesta dominated Macroballs 9-1. Delta Chi doubled up Something or Whatever by a 4-2 score. Accelerators moved on to the next round with a 5-1 triumph over Learned Foot.

Schrodinger’s Team defeated Theta Beta 3-1. Finally, MI6 kept their season alive with a victory against Delta Sigma Phi
The quarterfinals proved to be a series of classics as the playoff field was whittled from eight to four. Slooty Sloots eked out a 5-4 victory over Delta Iota Kappa. Wenger’s Coat put up a shutout for the second consecutive game, defeating The Sports Fiesta by a score of 3-0. Accelerators kept their championship aspirations alive with a 3-2 victory against Delta Chi. Finally, Schrodinger’s Team managed to outlast MI6 with the final score being 2-1.
In the semifinals, Slooty Sloots doubled up Wenger’s Coat with a 4-2 triumph while Accelerators advanced to the finals after eking out a 2-1 victory over Schrodinger’s Team.

Wednesday night saw the Championship match of the Accelerators against the Slooty Sloots. The fast paced action of indoor soccer was on full display as the two battle-tested teams competed for campus glory. “The game is so much faster, you can’t let your guard down,” said Ryan Meyer, from the victorious Slooty Sloots.

“You just kick it has hard as you can and try to score from wherever,” said teammate J.J. Rathbun. The Slooty Sloots used that “score from wherever” mentality to rack up nine goals on 32 shots in 30 minutes of play. The Accelerators, while they battled back, were unable to hold back the fire power, managing a single impressive break-away goal in the second half, for a 9-1 final.

The Slooty Sloots, made up of a group of dedicated soccer players, many play for the varsity team, have a “technically a three-peat” said Rathbun. Members of the team have won the past two tournaments. Their biggest challenge this year was facing the guys from Delta Iota Kappa, “that was a great game,” said Matt Zembas “We won 5-4 in overtime.”

In addition to Meyer, Rathbun and Zembas the Slooty Sloots combined the talents of Dan Bavaro, Thomas Nolan, Chris Cvecko, Taylor Fletcher, and Peter Jacobi, and now the team stands as champions.