Executive Editor and Publisher

The Executive Editor and Publisher is the peak of The Observer’s editorial board, serving as the highest officer and directly managing the executive directors. It is the only elected position within The Observer, chosen by simple majority vote of the active editorial board. The roles and responsibilities of the executive editor and publisher include:

  • • Has final say in all decisions involving The Observer in all of its forms (i.e. in print and online)
  • • Serves as the chief representative of The Observer to the university community and beyond
  • • Responsible for checking the observer@case.edu e-mail account, forwarding e-mails to relevant staff members, responding to all others
  • • Works with director of business and operations to formulate budget
  • • Attends Media Board meetings
  • • Consults with adviser on a schedule amicable to both parties
  • • Forms and adjusts any and all editorial policies
  • • Appoints staff members
  • • With director of business and operations, sets salaries
  • • Holds Editorial Board meetings as needed and holds weekly executive director meetings
  • • Writes weekly Editor’s Note, soliciting topic ideas and opinions from the Editorial Board
  • • With director of print and director of design, makes final check on production nights