Facebook Hits 1 Billion Users

Owen Bell, Games and Tech Reporter

So, here we are. Facebook has one billion active users. Not 800 million people and 200 million accounts just to boost Farmville scores, but one billion actual people now using Facebook. What does that number actually mean? It means that because of Facebook, the Internet is now the way that we communicate with one another.
It wasn’t all that long ago that there were always ads on television about the dangers of or stalkers on the Internet. Parents warned their kids about strangers on the Internet and often prevented them from using MySpace or other social media. You always had to be careful of anyone that you met on the Internet. Who knew if they were who they said they were, or if they were someone you could trust?

Facebook has changed a lot of that, though. Everyone is online now. Everyone is updating their statuses, talking with friends, or posting silly cat pictures on the Internet. It doesn’t matter if they are fifty or fifteen. Everyone is now online because of Facebook, and everyone is comfortable with being there.