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Link-State hacker conference echos CWRU technological prowess

Srivatsan Uchani, Staff Reporter October 14, 2016

Everyone at Case Western Reserve University knows how pervasive the technology culture is here. From the slightly manic way that the word “research” tends to float around on campus, to the ceaseless...

The secret to business success

Katie Wieser, Executive Editor January 7, 2015

If you want to learn about innovation, marketing and entrepreneurship, there is nowhere better than the International Consumer Electronics Show, held annually in Las Vegas, NV. There are lessons to be...

Oculus VRs latest prototype was on display at CES 2015

Oculus Rift Crescent Bay Hands On

Joseph Satterfield, Web Editor January 7, 2015

Oculus VR brought the latest prototype of their popular Rift headset to the CES show floor. This new prototype, given the code name Crescent Bay, added full three dimensional head tracking and built in...



January 2, 2015

The Observer, in coordination with Ignite TV, will be covering the 2015 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas from January 6 to January 9. This annual event draws in businesses and entrepreneurs...

CWRU alumni create healthcare tracking platform; will showcase at Consumer Electronics Show

Katie Wieser, Executive Editor December 30, 2014

A business usually begins with the idea. The perfect product or service to fill a market need. But sometimes, like in the case of SpiroSano, the business began with a great partnership. Jacob Glenn and...

Skipping a Generation

Skipping a Generation

Joseph Satterfield, Web Editor December 28, 2014
Windows 10 looks to unify phones, tablets and PCs

GoPro’s Hero camera line

Ettore Fantin-Yusta, Editorial Contributor December 22, 2014

Releasing the Hero 4 series is GoPro’s first big move after their initial public offering earlier this year. This series includes three cameras, at very different price points. They include the Hero...

Make a resolution to code in the new year

Kathleen Wieser, Executive Editor December 15, 2014

With winter break right around the corner, many of you may be looking for a new year's resolution to give you a little push towards your long-term goals in 2015. For you non-computer science majors, one...

Facebook Hits 1 Billion Users

Owen Bell, Games and Tech Reporter October 13, 2012

So, here we are. Facebook has one billion active users. Not 800 million people and 200 million accounts just to boost Farmville scores, but one billion actual people now using Facebook. What does that...

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