Fire Erupts at Veale Natatorium

Matt Hooke, Executive Editor

A fire at a swimming pool may sound so far-fetched it feels like the set up to a National Lampoon sketch. On Monday, Aug. 26th this became reality as the roof of the Veale Natatorium caught fire shortly after 1 p.m.

According to Case Western Reserve University, the fire started while a contractor worked on the building’s roof. They were able to extinguish the flames quickly, but not before smoke entered the building, triggering fire alarms and causing an evacuation.

The Cleveland Fire Department conducted an investigation of the roof to make sure the area was clear of the fire, and to check the air quality within the Natatorium. The building was cleared for reentry around 2 p.m.

The incident did not trigger a security alert. Since the fire was extinguished quickly and did not spread beyond the natatorium roof, it did not pose a threat to the rest of the campus according to CWRU.