Footlighters goes “Into the Woods”


CWRU Footlighters

On Nov. 2, 3 and 4, The CWRU Footlighters takes over Carlton Commons bringing “Into the Woods” to the campus community. Turning the room into a library, the cast pulls characters out of books to bring the musical to life.

The first weekend of November marked The Case Western Reserve University Footlighters’ production of the Broadway classic “Into the Woods.” Over the course of four shows in three days, Nov. 2-4, the orchestra, cast and crew, led by director and second-year student Giuliana Conte, took audiences into a dramatic world filled with comedy and tragedy.

“Into the Woods” combines and weaves together multiple classic fairy tales and centers them around the stories of the Baker (Alec Frye) and his wife (Bessie Bulman). Over the course of the production, the characters learn  wishes may not reflect their true desires.  

Despite the intricacy of the musical’s setting and the diversity of the characters, Footlighters found a clever way to frame the musical more feasibly. The group turned Carlton Commons into a library, and the actors were able to pull their characters from the books around them (literally pulling costumes from tomes on stage,) and stowed them away at the end of the night.

This was the CWRU Footlighters’ first production of the academic year.