Footlighters join University Media Board

The CWRU Footlighters, the student-run production group known for their musicals each semester—most recently “Into the Woods”—left Undergraduate Student Government (USG) and joined the University Media Board (UMB).

The Observer is a member of the umbrella organization. The 11 members include Retrospect, the school yearbook, and Case Reserve Review a photography and literature journal.

The decision to include the Footlighters in UMB is followed by a provisional process, in which UMB executive members discussed and voted to include the musical production club. The Footlighters approached UMB back in the fall of 2016 with their request to join the organization. The club was formerly involved with USG, which supports and provides funds for more than 200 student organizations on campus. On the other hand, UMB reviews and monitors the activities of its member organizations, and is run by a board composed of the top two officers of each organization.

It may appear odd for for Footlighters to join UMB. JP O’Hagan, executive chair of UMB, said that the board decided to include the Footlighters because their operations fit the mission of the organization: promoting student expression on campus. O’Hagan explained that it is “perfectly in line with UMB’s mission,” as the club allows for students to express themselves through performing arts and musical production. He added that there are other member organizations of UMB that rely on outside content, such as CWRU Film Society or WRUW 91.1 FM, both of which have been member organizations since the foundation of UMB.

O’Hagan noted that the decision to include Footlighters “wasn’t…taken lightly and a lot of different people had input into the process” before it was finalized last December.

The Footlighters, which presented “Into the Woods” last fall, will be preparing for their upcoming musical, “Be More Chill.”