For those who root for the underdog: Bobsleigh.

Katie Wieser, Sports Editor

Jamaica, they have a bobsleigh team. The bobsleigh events involves a running start, propelling a sleigh to a chute while the members jump on mid-slide. U.S.A. track star Lolo Jones, who lost a chance to medal in the Summer games in London with an unlucky trip during her qualification heat, looks to bring home a medal as a member of one of the three two-woman sleds.

Jamaica took to crowdfunding to get their two-man sled to Russia. They raised enough for the flight, but unfortunately arrived to find their uniforms and some of their gear hadn’t made the trip. They have been unable to participate in practices, but still have high hopes, claiming they’re the “hottest thing on ice.” One of the two American four-man sleds showcases another Cinderella story with Steven Holcomb looking for his second Olympic gold medal, despite losing most of his vision due to a degenerative eye disease.

The events will surely provide a great deal of excitement as the stories of redemption continue.