Forecasting the NFL MVP, playoffs

Andrew Ford, Sports Editor

This week will kick-off week 10 of the NFL season, one that has seen the emergence of many storylines and has featured multiple marquee games thus far.

The MVP race this year is especially intriguing. A lot of players are worthy of the prestigious award based on their performances in the regular season. Patrick Mahomes II has taken the league by storm for his play leading the Kansas City Chiefs. Every week, it feels like he has broken another record. On the opposite side of the age spectrum, Drew Brees is arguably having his best year of his very long career. Plus, his New Orleans Saints appear to be the best team in the NFL. And then there is Todd Gurley II, running back for the Los Angeles Rams, who has wreaked havoc on the league. While all three of these players deserve the recognition, Brees’ spectacular performance should earn him the MVP.

Even though it’s still early in the season, the potential playoff matchups in the conference championship games will be must-see TV. In the AFC, the two regular powerhouses remain near the top of the standings in the New England Patriots and the Pittsburgh Steelers. They are joined at the top by the Chiefs and Los Angeles Chargers. Any combination of two of these four teams would be immensely entertaining. The most likely scenario is a Patriots-Chiefs matchup, given the Steelers and Chargers have both had defensive struggles thus far. Additionally, Kansas City and New England have the best coaches of the four contenders.

The NFC appears to have three elite teams: the Saints, the Rams and the Carolina Panthers. Again, any matchup of these three would be worthy of a conference championship game. All three teams have dominant offenses that can put up points with any team. On defense, each team also has its weakness. The Rams and Saints have struggled in the secondary. The Panthers lack star players on that side of the ball, but have proven more than adequate. But the Rams and Saints just have too much talent all around and will meet in the NFC Championship.

Kansas City will close out the season as the No. 1 seed in the AFC and will have home field advantage, which will get them to the Super Bowl. The Rams will learn from their early season loss to the Saints and will advance to face the Chiefs. In what will be a matchup featuring high-flying offenses, the Rams will come out on top. They just have too much firepower all around and will hoist the Vince Lombardi Trophy.