Fourth-year football player reminisces on final season at CWRU

Nicholas Kamlet, Staff Reporter

Adam Zybko is a fourth-year tight end on the Case Western Reserve University football team. Over his four seasons, he has seen action in 30 games, accumulating 318 yards and one touchdown. Zybko has also received accolades of UAA Fall All-Academic recognition and Fall 2018 PAC Academic Honor Roll. He is currently majoring in finance and economics, and remains open to different possibilities within the fields upon graduation. Outside the classroom, Zybko is part of the Weatherhead Fund club and Sigma Alpha Epsilon.

What is your favorite part of being on the football team? Why?

My favorite part about being on the football team would have to be the camaraderie between me and my teammates. Given the amount of time we all spend together, it’s hard not to build strong relationships and become good friends off the field. It’s a pretty unique environment to be a part of since we’re all similar minded and get to compete alongside each other. We’ve definitely gathered more than our fair share of inside jokes together. 

Do you have any games that you remember being particularly special? Why?

I think it’s hard not to mention our 2017 win over rival Carnegie Mellon University my second year. We were down with less than a minute left and blocked and returned a punt for a touchdown to take the lead. Next thing we know, we’re in overtime and convert on a fourth down to end up winning. I’m not sure that description can do the game justice, but suffice it to say it was the craziest game I’ve ever been a part of. What makes it even more memorable was that it was the last game of our regular season that year, so it solidified our undefeated season, gave us our first PAC championship and sent us to the playoffs, where we matched our program record, making it to the second round.

Aside from football, what else are you involved in on campus? Can you explain what you do in them?

I guess this is technically off-campus, but I was fortunate to spend the past semester studying abroad at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. That was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for sure. Besides that, I’ve also been involved in the Weatherhead Fund club, where me and other students manage a portion of the university’s endowment. I’m also a part of the Van Horn and Wolstein Societies as well as CWRU’s Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity.

Why are you majoring in finance and economics? What interests you about it?

Coming into CWRU, I pretty much knew I was going to major in something within Weatherhead [School of Management]. I just didn’t know what specifically. I was drawn to the quantitative aspects of finance, but I was mostly just interested in learning more about that discipline after taking a few introductory classes. I later picked up economics as a major because I wanted to understand more about markets and the general economy. I think studying economics provides a unique way of thinking about how things work, so I found that aspect valuable.

What are your plans for after college?

I’m still undecided about what I’m doing after graduation. I have a return offer from my internship last summer, but I’m still going to “throw some stuff at the wall and see what sticks,” as they would say. I’m also contemplating graduate school in either finance or economics. I’d also like to do some more travelling before I eventually get down to business.

What is your favorite quote or what inspires you?  

It’s a little ironic, but a quote I think about a lot is by Mark Twain: “Don’t let school interfere with your education.” I still take school seriously, but I feel like this quote is hinting at how much there is to learn outside the classroom.