Fourth-year wrestler beats the pain

Hard work and determination nearly always pay off, and fourth-year wrestler Nick Tommas is no exception. Each year at Case Western Reserve University, Tommas has become a more integral part of the wrestling team, most recently becoming a co-captain with his brother, Nate Tommas.

Although he has had his ups and downs, his struggles have made him tougher. In his most recent year at CWRU, he accomplished a 14-18 record while also receiving UAA All-Academic Recognition.

Tommas believes his toughness is an integral part of his wrestling and his success.

“You’re basically in a fight with a guy and trying to control another guy, so it’s that kind of toughness you have to have mentally and physically,” he said.

Even beyond wrestling, Tommas has had to be tough throughout his life. When he was a youngster, all he wanted to do was play basketball. He tried to make his school’s team but he was not good enough, which was disappointing for him. In the end, his inability to make the team led to Tommas picking up wrestling instead. He excelled at the sport and continued it into high school, where his dad was his coach.

Tommas feels that he brings leadership to the team through his experience on the mat. That leadership also extends beyond the wrestling mats, as he is excelling in his academics. He keeps a level head and confidently takes on every day.

Off the mats, Tommas is currently a member of the social fraternity Zeta Beta Tau (ZBT). At ZBT, he has participated in different committees to accomplish tasks for the betterment of the fraternity. Through ZBT, he has also volunteered around Cleveland. Beyond Greek Life, Tommas also participates in Spartans for Special Olympics, which focuses on getting involved with children with intellectual disabilities. He was on the committee which organized the sporting tournament, a major part of the organization’s mission.

Helping the community is one of Tommas’ central personal values, which is why he went into nutrition. Tommas wants to focus on undernourished children. In fact, he spent last summer on an internship in Nepal, where he helped provide nutrition education to children.

Tommas said, “I really love that sort of stuff. Like helping people that do not understand nutrition and really need the help.”