CWRU promotes free tobacco cessation program

Ashley Chan, Director of Web and Multimedia

Wellness programs at universities continue to encourage community members to participate and promote their health. Since fall 2013, Case Western Reserve University Wellness has offered a free tobacco cessation group program to students, faculty and staff. The program consists of eight-week sessions that are available each quarter throughout the year.

The program is currently being held Wednesdays from 1-2 p.m. in the Bellflower Lounge at Thwing Center until Nov. 2. It intends to encourage self-discovery and group support to end nicotine use. Good nutrition, exercise and stress management are emphasized.

Wellness Coordinator Mary Ann Dobbins believes the program is underutilized. The class was canceled this past Wednesday, likely due to low registration. University Wellness offers multiple other sessions for faculty and staff, but the tobacco cessation program is the only one offered to students. Although there is a larger ratio of students than faculty members who smoke on campus, faculty and staff primarily participate in the program.

Students, faculty and staff interested in the class can contact Valerie Clause at to register.