Future Now Tour makes stop in Cleveland

The Future Now Tour came to Cleveland’s Quicken Loans Arena this past Friday, where teens and adults alike lined up hours before the show. The hype was high from a couple hours before the show where KISS FM radio was handing free T-shirts and dancers were putting on Nick Jonas and Demi Lovato music outside the arena.

Mike Posner, the opener, didn’t have the best turnout, as most of the concert-goers anxiously waited for Lovato and Jonas to come on the stage. Nonetheless, Posner was able to vibe the audience with his band’s genre while giving a slight throwback to his older songs like “Cooler than Me,” which was released in 2009. Posner sang his most popular song “I Took a Pill in Ibiza” while his bandmate rocked the saxophone to add another flair to his music. He ended the set with a story about accomplishing goals and dreams as soon as possible because nobody knows how much time he or she has. Although he wasn’t the most anticipated performance of the evening, he helped intertwine the performance with the meaning of “Future Now,” something that the headliners did not really touch on.

When Jonas came on the stage, the crowd erupted. His stage presence had everyone from grown women to younger girls lip syncing to his songs, such as “The Difference” and “Good Thing.” When his song “Bacon” came on, the screen behind him showed bacon on a pan, throwing some comedy into his performance. By the time his more popular songs came on, the crowd was already dazed by the stage lights and his voice.

But the star of the night was Lovato. Lovato’s unique voice achieved a level a little higher than her co-headliner. Although Lovato had less fame when she was still a star on Disney Channel, her voice gave her an edge over Jonas, which was apparent as she had the majority of the set list. Although the tour was supposed to encapsulate her newest album, “Confident,” songs from her third and fourth albums, “Unbroken” and “Demi,” appeared. Her performance used the screen and lights creatively, such as transforming red roses into grey roses on the screen for her song “Stone Cold.”

What stood out the most was Lovato’s cover of the Adele song, “When We Were Young.” Although it was her first time singing the song in public, her voice was able to do justice to such an iconic artist’s song—and videos of her cover has gained internet viral status.

Overall, the concert was definitely one worth watching. The audience was screaming and singing the whole night.