Get ready for a night of magic at Yule Ball

Tian Yang, Staff Reporter

With candles floating around you, with the live jazz music by “wand direction,” you will once again be brought into the wizarding world of Harry Potter as created by CWRUcio Quidditch in this year’s Yule Ball, which is based on the third installment of the series, “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.” The event is this Friday, Feb. 27 from 8-11 p.m. in the Tinkham Veale University Center Ballroom. Tickets to the largest annual dance on campus are only $8 for Case Western Reserve University students.

The quidditch team is once again working with various students on campus, including Culinary Club, which will bring the delicious chocolate frogs and butterbeer they made for the Harry Potter Trivia Night last semester. The food itself makes the event worth attending, with all the Treacle Tart, acid pops, cockroach clusters and Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans.

The new attractions this year include the Case Juggling Club, which will bring live performances and the chemistry fraternity, Alpha Chi Sigma, which will be holding potion demonstrations. Also, if you want to know your future, you can have your tea leaves read. Those who want a taste of magical combat can take part in duelling. Others can even play wizard’s chess.

With great feedback from the trivia night, CWRUcio decided to incorporate the interactive Harry Potter-themed quest. If you participate, you can encounter Professor Remus Lupin, Buckbeak, the Fat Lady and even Dementors at different points as you walk around, talking to actors and solving puzzles. ”[We want you to] relive the events happened in [The] Prisoner of Azkaban as if you are Harry Potter,” said Chris Gittings, one of the organizers of the Yule Ball.

The House Champion and costume contests are the indispensible part of the Yule Ball. Have you ever noticed that someone around you exemplifies Hufflepuff? Nominate them on the Yule Ball’s Facebook page! As for the costume contest, people with innovative costumes can nominate themselves on Facebook and win a prize if selected.

Natalie Bick, co-chair of Yule Ball is excited about the event.

“Despite the heavy Harry Potter themes, I truly believe this is an event that anyone can enjoy,” Bick said. “I am so passionate about the Yule Ball—not only does it allow me an opportunity to live out a scene of my favorite book series, but it also provides a unique opportunity for me to witness and take part in a team-building project that brings immense joy to my teammates and to my school.”
One of the organizers, Katherine Thompson, said,“I’m most excited to be immersed in a crowd of people who love Harry Potter and others who simply attend the ball to have a lovely evening.”