Girl Scout cookies with drinks to match

The Jolly Scholar is known for its unique theme nights, drink selection and cheap prices. But on Saturday, March 21, the popular Case Western Reserve University bar will be bringing a popular treat to students: Girl Scout Cookies.

From 10 p.m. on March 21 to 2 a.m. on March 22, the bar will host its first-ever Girl Scout Cookie and Wine/Beer Tasting Party. Since this event will be serving alcohol, it will exclusively be for people who are 21 and over. Entrance to the event is $10 for students.

For those who have never been to a tasting before, there is usually an expert who acts as guide to the tasting process. The Scholar has hired a Sommelier and Cicerones expert (or wine and beer expert) to help guide guests’ taste buds on this tasty experience. The expert will talk everyone through pairing specific wines and beers with the chosen Girl Scout Cookie. The expert will also tell you why the pairing was chosen and what effect it should have on you. Matt Vann, owner of the Jolly Scholar, believes that the event will be unique for students. “[It will be] interesting for customers because many haven’t been to a tasting before,” said Vann.

The Jolly Scholar has advertised this event exclusively on Facebook and it caught fire. As of press time, over 420 students on Facebook say that they will be attending the event. Although the event has gained attention from multiple local news sources such as Fox8, the Scholar wants to stay loyal to its customers (the students) and open the event exclusively to them. If Clevelanders decide to show up, students will be given first priority for seats and tastings.

Since the Jolly Scholar cannot sit 400 or more students at the same time, Vann recommends that people plan accordingly.
“If people show up late (or when they want), it will be very hard for them to get a seat,” said Vann.

The Scholar will begin sitting the first 200 people at 10 p.m., and the tasting should last about 45-60 minutes. Vann hopes that the first sitting clears out at around 11:15 p.m., so the second sitting should begin shortly after. The Scholar would like attendees to allow others to have a chance for a tasting and accommodate as many students as possible.

The Scholar has already ordered dozens of boxes of favorites. It will have: Thin Mints, Tagalongs, Do-Si-Dos, Samoas, Rah-Rah Raisins and Lemonades. The Scholar will also allow people to buy cookies at this event until the boxes run out. For all the Thin Mint Milkshake lovers out there, do not worry about the Scholar running out of Thin Mint boxes, because the Girl Scouts of Northeast Ohio has contacted the Jolly Scholar and said that it is willing to get the Scholar any more cookies they need after this event.

“We hope to do more events that are fun and similar to this,” said Vann.

Event: Girl Scout Cookie and Wine/Beer Tasting Party
Location: The Jolly Scholar
Time: March 21, 10 p.m.-March 22, 2 a.m.
Price: $10