Greek life hopes to prevent hazing with Respect Week


Stephanie Kim/Observer

The Greek Life Office hosted Respect Week tables around campus.

Miriam Ridge, Contributing Reporter

The Greek Life Office sponsored the second Respect Week, an event inspired by National Hazing Prevention Week that aims to stop hazing by raising respect.

“[Respect Week] helps people think broader on how they can respect by focusing on each part of their lives,” said Jamie Linn, coordinator for Greek Residential Programs and Culture of Care.

The event, which goes from Sept. 15-18, focuses on a number of different themes, including Respect Your Relationships, Respect Yourself, Respect Your Culture and Respect Your Values.

Each day, a table was set up which included a visual display, such as a whiteboard or post-it notes, on how students can respect these different parts of themselves. These displays were in various buildings around campus, and were hosted by different Greek chapters each day.

“It is a really great week that shows the ability to make an impact on the community, not just the Greek community, but the CWRU community as a whole,” said Linn.