Greeks organize focus group to address sexual misconduct

Julia Bianco, News Editor

Following the decision to request that all fraternities suspend activities involving alcohol for the remainder of last semester, the Interfraternity Council (IFC) has organized a focus group to address the problem of sexual misconduct in the Greek community.

As previously reported, ten Case Western Reserve University fraternity men were accused of sexual misconduct during the fall semester.

The focus group, which began on Jan. 12, will meet every Monday for five weeks total. The group is made up of one representative from each of the fraternities and sororities on campus. Representatives from the Cleveland Rape Crisis Center and other on- and off-campus resources will speak to the group throughout their meetings.

“Not many universities are doing this,” said Ethan Pickering, president of IFC. “We think that change is going to happen and change needs to happen.”

Pickering said that, although there is no current plan, the goal of the focus group will be to come up with a more permanent course of action.

“Hopefully if we come up with something that is innovative and works well, it can expand out to other areas of Case’s campus,” he added.

“We think that we have the system to create change. We acknowledge that sometimes the system we have right now leads to sexual misconduct, but we really believe that what we have as a system can help us lead that change.”