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Halftime Hype: The Spartan Dance Team

The music crescendos, along with the crowd’s cheers and sounds of excitement. Standing on the field is a group of students, no wait Spartans, dancers! The Spartan dance team performances at games and events have certainly brought not only excitement, but spirit and enjoyment as well.

“We promote school spirit, to keep everyone on the team physically active. They can continue dancing and staying in shape at the same time,” stated Camille Dyquiangco, the president of the Spartan dance team.

“It’s also promoting the university, especially with Case athletics. We try to be a part of the sports experience,” added Melekte Melaku, one of the captains of the team. The dance team is not under athletics, but they work with athletics.

Heading off the football field and into the studio on late Tuesday and Thursday nights is where one will find these dedicated dancers. Having just learned new choreography a couple of days before the homecoming performance, the dancers set their minds on not only learning it, but perfecting it up to performance level.

“We do performances every week, two weeks, so we have to learn a new routine each time,” explained Melaku.

By the end of rehearsals, the dancers are treating the studio like the stage and the game field, ready to showcase their hard work and dedication.

“I tried out for the Spartan dance team because I could tell they were a great group of girls and I loved the idea of performing at football and basketball games, and cheering on Case Western athletics. It’s been really fun; I enjoyed hanging out with them and dancing,” said a junior member of the team.

The dance team typically learns hip-hop and jazz routines. Though the team consists of dancers with different backgrounds, such as those with years of experience in ballet, their passion for dance works as an impetus for being versatile in any type of dance. This motivation allows them to get pumped up for just about any dance piece.

“I’m really excited for this weekend’s performance; a lot of people are going to be there and I love performing at big crowds. It’s like I’m in a different world, me and the music, and people are watching. It’s just an amazing feeling, to be out there. It’s also a stress-reliever for me,” says freshman member Courteney Asase.

The Spartan dance team performance during the half time of the Homecoming football game brought the crowd even more enthusiasm.

“Being a part of the team, I mean, we’re the Spartan Dance Team. A lot of what we do has to do with bringing spirit to the school, hyping people up. It makes me feel more connected to the school, a part of the school because I’m representing something,” shared Asase.

So next time there is an event or home game, be sure to check out the Spartan Dance Team. They certainly always have their best foot forward – with every dance move they have.

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