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Football cruises into Homecoming game

Eddie Kerekes, Sports Editor

October 14, 2016

Another week, another victory as the Spartans’ football team keeps rolling along. Case Western Reserve University improved to 5-0 on the season with a 37-14 victory over Bethany College in West Virginia last Saturday. With the victory, the Spartans improved to 4-0 in the Presidents’ Athletic Conf...

Fun Times on Freiberger Field

Kevin Smith, Social Media Editor

October 14, 2016

To kick off Homecoming Week, students from all years came to Freiberger Field to participate in two Case Western Reserve University traditions nearly as old as Clark Hall: the first-year vs. second-year student contest and the third-year vs. fourth-year student contest. The environment proved relaxing. Music of al...

Shamelessly geek out at Homecoming

Isabel Torres-Padin, Staff Reporter

October 7, 2016

Homecoming may elicit some unfortunate memories of awkward high school dances and sweaty parades for many of us, but at Case Western Reserve University homecoming week is a yearly tradition with a multitude of activities that offer a nice break from the usual weekday monotony. Coined GEEK WEEK, this year...

Homecoming kickoff flag football game full of excitement

The rain and mud made for a slippery flag football game.

JP. O'Hagan, Sports Editor

October 9, 2015

In typical Cleveland fashion the 2015 Homecoming kickoff event was in danger of cancellation due to the rain. In typical Case Western Reserve University fashion that threat of rain didn’t stop the fun. As grey clouds refused to yield and continued to mist down on campus, students gathered in the...

A look forward at this year’s “Back to the Future”-themed Homecoming

Lars Torres, Staff Reporter

September 18, 2015

Every year homecoming undergoes changes as committee members come and go, but this year may prove to be the year with the most radical changes of them all. According to fourth-year student Andrew Hodowanec, a member of the homecoming committee, “the most major change this year is the inclusion of a ho...

Party in the blue spirit

Tiffany Cheung, Contributing Reporter

October 21, 2014

On Oct. 16, Cleveland community gathered in Toby’s Plaza, under a huge tent which (thankfully) blocked out the rain. In the busy and bustling tent filled with blue, what stood out were two white think[box] exhibits. As tradition goes, the Blue Block Party features the exhibit to show students...

Homecoming heroes

Anastazia Vanisko, Staff Reporter

October 17, 2014

Even though Case Western Reserve University’s Homecoming only lasts one week, the planning starts much earlier. This year, CWRU wanted Homecoming to focus more on school spirit and pride, requiring even more innovation and effort from the planners as they modified their approach. Lou Stark, the...

Homecoming came to Thwing Tuesdays

Thwing Tuesday

Allison Duchin, Staff Reporter

October 17, 2014

This week the University Program Board went above and beyond to try and start the campuswide excitement about homecoming this weekend. One of its first success was at Thwing Tuesdays. Thwing Tuesday this week had multiple different popular food vendors rather than just the typical one. These vendors...

COC letter to the editor

October 10, 2014

As a member of the Class Officer Collective (COC), I realize there are some people on campus who are still unaware of what exactly our organization does. Many people associate COC with the class-specific programs we hold, or the large campus traditions like Hudson Relays that we coordinate. While...

Halftime Hype: The Spartan Dance Team

Halftime Hype: The Spartan Dance Team

Elaina Lin, Theatre and Dance Reporter

October 5, 2012

The music crescendos, along with the crowd's cheers and sounds of excitement. Standing on the field is a group of students, no wait Spartans, dancers! The Spartan dance team performances at games and events have certainly brought not only excitement, but spirit and enjoyment as well. "We promote schoo...

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