Relax and roll at the hangout

Ready to roll? CWRU Hammocking Club and Case Western Longboard Club will be having a hangout on Sunday, April 12 at 2 p.m. in Doan Park. The two clubs will meet students at the bottom of the elephant stairs so everyone can walk over to the park together.

Case Western Longboard Club describes themselves as a club with an open and inclusive environment for all members and potential members. Since its start, the club has been looking for members that want to longboard and have a good time. “We want to show people that they do not need much previous experience to be in the club,” said Ettore Fantin-Yusta, vice president of the club.

“I hope to build interest in longboarding as a club,” added Longboarding Club President John McCaffrey.

CWRU’s Longboarding Club has weekly meetings, open to all students, on Fridays at 4 p.m. outside of Veale Athletic Center—weather permitting.

CWRU Hammocking Club describes themselves as one of the most chill clubs around, that just wants to have fun (in their hammocks). Students have probably seen the club around campus casually relaxing in the middle of the engineering quad and Leutner Pavilion. Since they are a new club, they are looking for anyone who will be interested in hammocking with them.

Earlier this year, the Hammocking Club took its members on a hammock camping trip to Cuyahoga Valley National Park, where members were able to explore the wild outdoors. The club also partook in CWRU’s Farm Festival earlier this year.

The goal of the hangout event is to build campus awareness of the two clubs. “Most people would be interested in both of these clubs, and this event is to bring the two clubs and its potential members together,” said President of the CWRU Hammocking Club, Claire Holliday.

At this event, there will be hammocking and longboarding. For those that do not have their own hammock or longboard, the two clubs will make sure that there are enough extras for everyone.

It would not be a proper hangout without food; at this event, there will be fruits, vegetables and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich station. They will be selling white t-shirts for $2, which can be tie-dyed at the event as well. Additionally Landyachtz Longboards is sponsoring giveaways at the event, including t-shirts, hats, dice and more.

The two clubs are excited to work together and even more excited for the event. “We really want this to be an annual hangout,” said McCaffrey.

Event: Longboarding and Hammocking Hangout
Location: Doan Park
Date: April 12, 2 p.m.
Price: Free