Hartman Foundation donates to expand co-op program

Gabrielle Buffington, Staff Reporter

The Hartman Foundation is donating $300,000 towards the Case School of Engineering’s co-op program.

David Hartman, who founded Hartman Foundation Inc. after receiving his B.S. in chemical engineering from the Case Institute of Technology in 1958, previously donated $300,000 to the co-op program in 2011.

Hartman viewed the donation as a way to encourage students to expand their horizons, and their resumes, by seeking employment in the engineering field before graduation. This is a belief that his son, Douglas, the current president of the Hartman Foundation, also holds.

Co-ops provide students with six to eight months of real world experience, giving them a leg up on other students when it comes to getting a job after graduation.

Douglas plans on visiting the campus and interacting with students involved in the co-op program. He will also meet with company officials to talk about hiring students through the co-op program in hopes of helping the program expand.

“The Hartman Foundation looks forward to working directly with the Case School of Engineering to see that my father’s dream of 100 percent participation in co-oping is realized,” said Douglas in a statement to The Daily.