In response to “L3 should ketchup with student needs”

Letter to the Editor

To the editor,

Regarding the recent guest column titled “L3 should ketchup with student needs”:

I wholeheartedly agree that the open ketchup dispenser is an issue that needs to be solved. In fact I recognized this last semester after a couple of my friends pointed it out, so I brought it up at one of Bon Appétit’s feedback meetings.

I was told by the man leading the discussion, who I assumed was part of Bon Appétit management, that the ketchup is dispensed that way due to past student complaints, when L3 used ketchup packets. I asked why they do not use a ketchup dispenser like the ones upstairs in Leutner Dining Hall. Apparently they were prone to breaking in L3 (but not in Leutner, for some unknown reason).

He promised to try using a pump-style dispenser in L3. However I have not seen a change since that day, which was probably in mid-November.

This is only a minor issue, but it is part of a pattern of Bon Appétit showing little concern for students’ needs. I would hope that coverage in The Observer might help initiate change, but I am not hopeful.

Matthew Bentley

Note from the editor: Since the publication of “L3 should ketchup with student needs,” a pump-style ketchup dispenser has been added to L3’s condiment table. While this is great progress on this small issue, the wider concerns behind the original piece and this letter remain, so we are publishing it despite this development. This letter was received before the dispenser was installed. -Aquene Kimmel, Opinion Editor