Inside the Circle

A look at the week’s happenings in University Circle

Anastazia Vanisko

Local Attractions Future of Uptown

The recent development of Uptown over the past few years is part of a larger plan to turn the area into a bustling city hub. Started by a partnership between MRN Ltd, University Circle Inc. and Case Western Reserve University, the Uptown Projects aim is to bring in new shops, restaurants, a bookstore, a grocery store and 200 market-rate apartments. At this point, many do not believe the area has reached its full potential despite the rising residential levels and number of commercial destinations.

A major complaint is that Uptown is missing the local, one-of-a-kind destinations that will attract people into the area and make it a hot spot. Currently, chain restaurants like Panera, Chipotle and Jimmy John’s are the main businesses. This is changing, however, as places such as ABC Tavern and eventually Corner Alley, a bowling alley and restaurant, move into the open spaces in Uptown. Developer Ari Maron of MRN, also the developers of East 4th Street, said that a mixture of chain and local commercial tenants is the goal and those working on the project say there is “more to come.”

Residential homes are selling for high prices at $2 per square foot, and homeowners are encouraged to come to Uptown near providers of daily necessities. Constantino’s acts as the local grocery store, with PNC Bank and UPS just down the way for residents’ banking and mailing needs. About 15,000 people now live in University Circle, just ahead the number of downtown residents.

Commercial spaces in Uptown have a rent of $30-$35 per square foot. At Uptown Phase I there is one open retail space, but Maron is not giving away any information about who possible tenants may be.

Most recently, WXZ Development broke ground on new apartments at 118 Flats, part of Phase II of the Uptown Project.

RHAmen Rush food drive continues

Last Monday marked the beginning of the annual RHA’s annual fundraiser, the RHAmen Rush. It started with a kickoff tabling event at KSL Oval, where students were given more information to create awareness about the drive.

Despite the name RHAmen Rush, more than just ramen is accepted. The drive is for canned food and is campus wide. Boxes are in the lobby of every dorm for people to put any extra or unwanted canned goods.

The drive will continue through Nov. 26 and all donations go to the Cleveland Food Bank.

Annual LGBT alum event to be hosted today

Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) is constantly nationally ranked as one of the most friendly LGBT campuses. This does not end once members of its LGBT community graduate. On Nov. 22, an Alumni event by CWRU Pride, Cosmos for Case, is being put on to raise money for LGBT students.

Friday’s event is to be the first of an annual series, and though it is an alumni event, CWRU students are welcome to send their own donations.
An event students are encouraged to attend, though, is the Transgender Day of Remembrance. It is a candlelight vigil walk from Lakeside Ave, West 3rd St, and Huntington Park to Cleveland City Hall. It is also Nov. 22, and begins at 5:45 p.m.