Intensity and humor blend in Players’ Theater Group show

If the name: “The Motherf**ker with the Hat” doesn’t intrigue you enough to watch the show put on by the Players’ Theatre Group, maybe a description will.

This Friday and Saturday, the Players’ Theatre Group will be performing the show with a cast and crew made entirely of first- and second-year students. The show centers around Jackie, a recovering cocaine addict just out of prison who finds a hat on his nightstand. This prompts him to believe his girlfriend Veronica is cheating on him, and he demands a gun from his AA sponsor.

Filled with sex, drugs, alcohol and violence, the play balances its intensity with other elements. Jonah Roth, director of the show and president of the group, believes the appeal of the show lies in its ability “to explore these things so openly and in a comedic way while still retaining the dramatic aspect of it.”

“The play is about growing up and moving on as well as the struggle to put the past behind you and build a life you can be proud of,” said Roth.

The director warns audience members to “expect a lot of swearing and offensive language.” The show has more than just foul language to it though. Roth hopes the audience experiences “a few emotional twists and turns, coming out of it thinking about what it means to be addicted to something—or someone.”

He also hopes the audience will enjoy the show, though. While it might not be “a warm fuzzy feel-good comedy, it has a complex story that really takes you in,” he said.

Although the show is during Halloween weekend, it is still early enough to go out and enjoy the festivities. As a bonus, the show is free, so it only seems sensible to enjoy a free show before partaking in the Halloween fun.

Show: The Motherf**ker with the Hat
Group: Players’ Theatre Group
Where: Black Box at Eldred Theater
When: Oct. 30 and Oct. 31, 7 p.m.
Price: Free