Interview with Cleveland Scene’s Andrew Zelman

CEO of Euclid Media group talks about SCENE’s events in Cleveland

Isabel Torres-Padin, Staff Reporter

Despite exams, homework, job interviews and the general stresses of Case Western Reserve University life having fun should never fall out of the picture. I am not talking the house party and slightly trashy kind of fun many of us may use to unwind after a long week, but some cultural, stimulating fun. Cleveland has a multitude of opportunities for this kind of fun and Cleveland Scene is a main proponent for these cultural events.

Two weekends ago in the recently revamped Public Square, Cleveland Scene’s Oktoberfest took over Public Square for three days of German-themed debauchery with hourly performances by Das Glockenspiel and pretzels, bratwurst and beer. This was just one of many events put on by Cleveland Scene, the city’s alternative magazine since 1970. Starting in print the brand has grown to include a website that continues the mission of spreading Cleveland culture and covering arts, entertainment, food, sports and any other fun happenings in “The Land.” Scene has recently gotten into the event business with new events, like Oktoberfest, popping up all over the Cleveland Metro area.

Since being bought by Euclid Media Group in 2013, they have been under the guidance of Andrew Zelman, president of Euclid Media Group and Cleveland lover. Zelman was enthusiastic about the first annual Oktoberfest event saying, “For the first event in the new Public Square it went well, we really liked the new space and definitely want to use it again.” As of now Zelman wants the event to recur next year: “We want the event to continue, but obviously need to make some improvements.”

He emphasized that Scene uses these Cleveland area events to not only extend the brand of Scene but to bring the community together for fun times that show off the metropolitan area we live in.

This weekend Scene was supposed to be hosting Maize, a fall themed family friendly event at the Flats, but it has been postponed to Oct. 21, 22, and 23. Free entry includes full access to the festival’s children’s activities like face painting, pumpkin decorating and a video game patio. Throughout the entire festival local artists will be playing in 90 minute increments while local food and drinks are served from Cleveland restaurants Alley Cat Oyster Bar, The Big Bang Bar, BOLD Food & Drink, Coastal Taco Bar, Crooked River BBQ + Beer and Lago with various fall themed cocktails and beers.

“I love that Cleveland just has so much to do, and so many new places are opening up. It’s really exciting,” Zelman says when asked what his favorite thing about Cleveland is. We should take his words seriously, as he is a curator of culture for the Cleveland area and basically an expert on the happenings from uptown to downtown. He maintains that despite stereotypes painting Cleveland as bland and boring, there is a plethora of things to do, with events nearly every weekend and a booming culinary culture.

Whether you experience “The Land” through events like Maize or by exploring all the places popping up on Euclid, there is more than enough to do, and Scene is one vehicle for navigating these events. Visit them at, and always keep up with University Circle happenings with The Observer ( because Cleveland has so much to offer, and as CWRU students we could definitely use a little fun.

Go to for more information on Maize.