Intramural Basketball Tournament finishes in a flourish

Case Western Reserve University’s version of March Madness was fun while it lasted, but all good things must come to an end. The champions of the intramural leagues have been crowned, and everyone is already uttering that timeless phrase: “Wait until next year.” Allow us to update you on how the tournaments played out.

In the Co-Rec Self-Officiated League, the semifinals saw Paid in Full throttle Macroballs 47-26 while Willard defeated Phi Delt and Friends 42-22. In the finals, Willard held off Paid in Full by a final score of 46-42 to become the last team standing in the league.

In the Fraternity B No Refs League, the semifinals tipped off with Zeta Beta Tau B eking out a 36-33 victory against Phi Delt C in an instant classic. That was followed up by another barn burner, as Delt B emerged victorious over SigEp C in a 23-21 defensive struggle. In the finals, Zeta Beta Tau B survived Delt B by a 31-28 score to earn the league’s bragging rights for the offseason.

In the Fraternity No Refs League, the semifinals began with SigEp A edging out delta upsilon in a tight contest with a final count of 28-26. Sigma Chi then proceeded to defeat Delt A rather handily by a score of 34-22. The finals proved to be a cakewalk for Sigma Chi, as they doubled up SigEp A in the title game 42-21 to stake their claim to the league championship.

The Open Paid Officials League saw tons of action the past couple weeks. The second round began with defeating The Wolfpugs in a 73-52 shootout. Veteran Presence eliminated Team Guenther by a final tally of 43-27, while Monstars had little trouble dispatching Flint Tropics from the tournament by a 56-36 score. I Get Buckets mauled A.R.C. CREW 64-31. Tune Squad emerged victorious against Dirty Dental Dump to advance to the next round. The Stripes ran The Smash Bros out of the gym, with the final score being 57-30 when all was said and done. You Know Why We’re Here knocked off Free Riders to keep their season alive, and the round concluded with Rich-What? eliminating THE All Night Samplers by a 52-31 score. The quarterfinals saw almost double up Veteran Presence with a final count of 55-28. I Get Buckets eked out a 65-61 win over Monstars, while Tune Squad triumphed against The Stripes in a close one 41-38. Finally, You Know Why We’re Here prevailed over Rich-What? 33-29 to move on to the next round of play. The semifinals promise to bring more excitement in the near future.

In the Open Self-Officiated League, the quarterfinals began with M4evah prevailing against #TeamGetSwole by a score of 51-22. Basketball Team defeated K540 to keep their title hopes alive, while Hemoglobin Trotters emerged victorious against TiP TOE WiNG JAWWDiNZ 27-21. Runnin’ Gunners easily defeated Dream Runner by a 41-21 count to conclude the round. In the semifinals, M4evah dominated Basketball Team from the start in a 61-26 victory. Runnin’ Gunners emerged triumphant over Hemoglobin Trotters by a 35-27 score. The title game proved somewhat close, but M4evah was ultimately too much for Runnin’ Gunners as they won 46-37 and took home the title.

Congratulations to the league champions, and better luck to the other teams next year. We can only hope next year’s action matches the excitement that this year’s playoffs brought us.