Intramural season in the books

The end of the school year is upon us, meaning finals are fast approaching. No, I’m not referring to those test-taking finals, but the finals of the intramural softball playoffs currently taking place. Teams are vying for their league’s bragging rights, at least for the next year, and we’ve got you covered on all goings on from around the diamond.

In the Co-Rec league, the playoffs began with Slugging Brews walloping Beta/Gobies by a final score of 11-0. In the second round, Slugging Brews continued their playoff run with a victory over SOFTCORE, while Pharmies emerged victorious against Pi Kappa Phi/Tri Sigma. Delt/Pi Phi held off Phi Psi x AXO in an 8-6 slugfest. Softballs scored a win in yet another high scoring affair, defeating Macroballs 15-9. Fiji/Theta prevailed over FlossBosses, while The Softball Saints defeated the team yeah you right to keep their title hopes alive. Bob Loblaw’s Law Blog defeated AlphaPhi/SigmaChi to advance to the next round. Blast Crisis knocked off Sigma Nu/DG to complete round two. The Quarterfinals began with Slugging Brews mauling Pharmies 18-5.

Softballs easily defeated Delt/Pi Phi by a final score of 12-2, while Fiji/Theta emerged triumphant over The Softball Saints 13-5. Blast Crisis defeated Bob Loblaw’s Law Blog to move on. In the semifinals, Slugging Brews emerged victorious in a barn burner against Softballs 8-7. Blast Crisis advanced with an 8-5 victory against Fiji/Theta. Slugging Brews squared off against Blast Crisis in the championship bout. The result can be found on the league’s website.

In the Fraternity league, the opening round saw Phi Delt demolish Zeta Psi by a final count of 17-2. SAE crushed Vandelay Industries by a score of 27-4. In the Quarterfinals, Phi Delt continued their title push with an easy 12-1 win over Fiji. Sigma Chi emerged triumphant over Delta Tau Delta, while SigEp A defeated SAE to advance in the tournament. Delta Sigma Phi knocked off Zeta Beta Tau to maintain their championship aspirations. The Semifinals saw Sigma Chi eke out a 9-8 win against Phi Delt in what proved to be an instant classic, while SigEp A dealt a shutout to Delta Sigma Phi by a final of 18-0 to move on to the next round. Sigma Chi faced SigEp A in the title game. The result can be seen on the league’s website.

In the Open league, BME SunDevils defeated MBA Slide to begin the playoff action in the Quarterfinals. The Kekambas blanked The Mighty Wombats 10-0, while Bad News Bears knocked off Norton Hears a Who to keep their title hopes alive and well. In the semifinals, #teamgetswole will square off against BME SunDevils while The Kekambas will face Bad News Bears. The winners of those respective games will subsequently face off in the league’s championship game to determine who takes the title back to their dorms. At the time of The Observer’s printing the games hadn’t been scheduled. The results of the remainder of these playoffs can be found on the league’s website as well.

These matchups promise plenty of drama and tension as the teams fight to be the last one standing. You won’t want to miss a second of it.