Intramural soccer playoffs wrap up

David Hoffman, Staff Reporter

With the regular season in the books, the intramural soccer leagues’ playoffs are under way. Who came out on top to claim the title of league champion? A quick recap of the playoffs in each league:

In the Fraternity Free league, Phi Kaps beat out Theta Chi in a play-in game to secure the sixteenth and final spot in the playoff bracket. Phi Kaps would go on to drop their next match, 7-1, to top seeded SigEp A. Delta Chi, the eighth seed, defeated ninth ranked Delta Tau Delta B-Team to advance. Fourth ranked Sigma Chi eked out a 4-3 victory over 13th seed Fiji to move on. Fifth ranked ZBT got the best of 12th seed Sigma Nu to keep their season alive. Second seed Delta Upsilon blanked 15th seed Zeta Psi 10-0 to advance, while seventh ranked Delta Sigma Phi moved on with a 3-1 win over 10th seed SigEp C. Fourteenth ranked Delta Tau Delta stunned third seed Beta Theta Pi 8-1 to continue their season, and 11th seed Phi Kappa Psi bested sixth seed Pi Kappa Phi 6-4 to advance to the next round. In the quarterfinals, SigEp A defeated Delta Chi to advance. Sigma Chi advanced to the next round with a victory over ZBT. Delta Upsilon defeated Delta Sigma Phi 3-1 to move on, while Delta Tau Delta mauled Phi Kappa Psi 12-0 to continue their season. In the semifinals, SigEp A took care of Sigma Chi 7-2 and Delta Tau Delta stayed alive with a 3-2 win over Delta Upsilon. SigEp A squared off against Delta Tau Delta in the finals; with Sig Ep A outshooting Delta Tau Delta in the final round with a 6-3 final score to be crowned champions.

The Co-Rec Free league also featured a chaotic playoff bracket. In round one, Normal Forces squeaked by Sua Sponte 5-4. Theta/Beta defeated AXO/Zeta Psi to stay alive. Sigma Psi/Fiji bested Macroballs 5-1, while Flo$$ Bosses sneaked by Team Sloot 4-3. MSA shut out Joe Loves Cats 1-0, and Da Smith Doh advanced with a 3-1 win over Pumpkin Spice. Learned Foot got the best of Howe 5th to advance to the next round. In round two, Normal Forces bested Pi Phi/SigEp 7-4. The Meat Flanks stayed alive thanks to a 6-4 triumph over Red Hot Chili Players. Theta/Beta blanked AL-Hilal 1-0, while E-lemonators defeated Sigma Psi/Fiji. Delt/DG won a 1-0 thriller over Flo$$ Bosses, and Honey Badgers defeated MSA 9-2 to advance. Not Sig Ep prevailed 6-5 over Da Smith Doh, and Learned Foot got the best of The A-Team 8-2. As for the quarterfinals, The Meat Flanks defeated Normal Forces 3-1 to advance. Theta/Beta survived a 3-2 barn burner over E-lemonators. Honey Badgers handled Delt/DG 4-1, while Not Sig Ep bested Learned Foot by a 4-1 final. In the semifinals, Theta/Beta triumphed 3-2 over The Meat Flanks and Not Sig Ep managed a 4-3 win over Honey Badgers. Finally, Not Sig Ep doubled up Theta/Beta 4-2 to win the league championship.

Finally, the Open Free league featured a traditional sixteen team bracket. In the opening round, SODM United got the best of The Fútbol Team 7-2. The Washington Redskins edged out the BME SunDevils 4-3 to advance to the next round. Globo Gym shut out Suhail’s Revenge 1-0 to stay alive, and Team Brenn eked out a 3-2 win over The Stripes to move on as well. The Soccer team won a 10-6 shootout over Charlie’s Angels. AAA/KIV doubled up AL-Hilal 4-2, while Man-Chest-Hair United defeated No Casualties 3-1. BioMed FC triumphed over MI6 4-2 to close out round one. The quarterfinals began with SODM United defeating The Washington Redskins 5-1. Globo Gym blanked Team Brenn 6-0, then The Soccer Team thrashed AAA/KIV 13-4. BioMed FC prevailed 1-0 over Man-Chest-Hair United to advance. In the semifinals, SODM United survived with a 5-3 win over Globo Gym while The Soccer Team advanced with a 5-2 triumph over BioMed FC. Finally, SODM United prevailed over The Soccer Team 4-1 to claim the title of league champion.