Intramural volleyball check in

With soccer over the volleyball season is in full swing for all the part-time athletes

David Hoffman, Staff Reporter

Intramural volleyball season is well underway, with the playoffs in sight. Here’s a quick breakdown of recent games from each league on campus.

In the Co-Rec league, the first game of the week saw the Netter’s Setters beat the Macroballs. PASSoma defeated PiKapp/Tri Sigma in two sets, with final counts of 25-14 and 25-16. Sigma Nu and Friends defeated Pi Phi/Zeta Psi. Sets on the Beach prevailed over Delt/Theta in two sets. Fre$h2Breath won in two sets over Spikey Dinosaurs by final scores of 25-17 and 25-8. Phi Psi/AXO defeated BME (FAKE) Fun Levils while Set to Kill won over the Fiji/DG squad.

Floss Bosses won a three set thriller against ZBT/APhi. Floss Bosses took the first set 25-20, but ZBT/APhi bounced back in the second set 25-14. Floss Bosses eked out the victory in the decisive third set by a 15-13 final.

To round out the week Sigma Nu & Friends prevailed in two sets against Haha omg yes. ZBT/APhi outlasted Fiji/DG in three sets, while Netter’s Setters emerged as victors over Delt/Theta by virtue of a forfeit.

In the Fraternity league, Sigma Chi emerged victorious from a grueling three set match against Pi Kappa Phi. Pi Kappa Phi actually took the opening set 25-23 before Sigma Chi evened things up with a 25-18 win in the second. Sigma Chi then sealed their comeback with a 15-11 victory in round three.

Pi Kappa Phi then fell in their next match up to Delta Sigma Phi. Zeta Psi prevailed in three sets against FIJI. Zeta Psi won round one 25-19, then FIJI proceeded to bounce back with a 25-15 shellacking in the second set. Zeta Psi took the decisive third set by a 15-8 final. Phi Kaps got the best of Zeta Psi in two sets, by finals of 25-19 and 25-22.

Delta Tau Delta came out on top in two sets against Phi Kappa Tau. Before the Phi Kaps were able to outlast Sigma Chi in three sets. Phi Delta Theta was a winner in three sets over Sigma Nu. Phi Kappa Psi got the best of Delta Chi in two sets. Delta Upsilon was victorious against Phi Kappa Tau in two sets. Pi Kappa Phi prevailed over Sigma Nu in three sets. Delta Sigma Phi was a three set victor over SigEp G.

Finally, in the Open league PASSoma prevailed against the ACE Inhibitors. Globo Gym took care of No Casualties in two sets. Albaloo earned a victory over Netter’s Setters in three sets. The Soccer Team bested Volleyball Team. BME SunDevils prevailed over Team All The Sports in two sets. ACE Inhibitors defeated #TeamGetSwole in two sets.

PASSoma and The Juggling Club both forfeited their respective match in a shocking turn of events, resulting in their game needed to be rescheduled. Bump It Up was victorious in two sets against both the Dirty Sets and the Juggling Club. Albaloo was a two set winner over Globo Gym. ACE Inhibitors scored an easy win over Volleyball Team by virtue of a forfeit. PASSoma took care of the BME SunDevils in two sets in their return to the court while the Netter’s Setters also won in two sets over Dirty Sets. Team All The Sports forfeited a match, resulting in a win for The Soccer Team.

Last but not least, PASSoma prevailed over The Soccer Team in two sets, to stand at 4-0 on the season. This great record leaves them tied for second with Bump It Up and the pair are a game behind Albaloo who have won all five of their games this season.