Is de-stressing during and after exams impossible? I think not.

Christie Lanfear, Life Editor

Whether you are still mentally recovering from an exam-packed week prior to spring break or are preparing for upcoming exams, trying to relax and prevent the infamous burnout can be difficult. Most times, it’s impossible to know where to start or what will actually succeed in calming your nerves. 

Well, luckily for you, this article contains some helpful tips and tricks that will uncover your inner “zen”. Even if you are not stressed yourself, recommend some of these to your stressed-out friends or family, I am sure that they will greatly appreciate it. Take care of your body and mind and practice some self love, you deserve it! 


Recognize stress

This might seem obvious, but it is so important in terms of self-preservation. Sometimes, we don’t even realize that we are stressed. Even little things such as insomnia or feeling extra achy can be red flags. So, whether you recognize your stress or your friends and family point it out, definitely consider doing something about it. I promise, you will feel all the better for it. 

Listen to some music 

Whether you listen to one of the amazing playlists from The Observer website or put on your own favorite collection of tunes, taking some time for yourself with only your music as company does wonders. Music can calm you down, lift you up and give you motivation. Even just putting on your headphones when walking to class is a step in the right direction. 

Eat good food 

This is another rather basic tip, but it is too important not to include. Eating the correct quantities and types of food in college is a struggle. With the constant temptation of fried food and sweet treats at our disposal, maintaining a healthy diet is hard. But in times of stress, fueling your body and mind is more important than ever. Your mind works much more efficiently and you will feel more awake and productive if you take the time to watch what you eat and make sure to get in your ‘five a day’ of fruits and vegetables. 

Read a book 

I know what you’re thinking—people only read for fun in the old days. But don’t knock it! Sitting down with a good book works wonders for relaxation and de-stressing. And even better, The Observer website has some great book recommendations if you are unsure where to start.

Make your bed every morning 

This is something that takes maybe 60 seconds to complete, but can still have a monumental impact on your day. By completing this small task, you are starting your day off on the right foot and will have successfully accomplished a goal before even leaving the room. Especially if you have an exam or lots of studying to get done, it really helps you start your day off strong. Also, it makes your bed even more comforting when you get to the end of your day. 

Sleep. Sleep. Sleep. 

I know, I know. Who has time for that? But honestly, it’s worth trading in an hour of studying for that little bit of extra sleep. Besides, it’s sleep that lets your brain recharge and enables it to run on full power. I promise, you’ll do better on that exam or be able to get your homework done faster, allowing you more time to relax afterwards.


Obviously, everyone is different. The things I mentioned above might do absolutely nothing for your stress levels. But, I promise that it’s worth a try because letting yourself stay wound up will get you nowhere. All it will do is pull you down the rabbit hole of unproductivity, leaving you more stressed than ever. At the end of the day, taking the time to destress is vital to your success. Make the time. You owe it to yourself.