Juggling Spectacular coming to Thwing for two nights only

To celebrate their 10th Annual Juggling Spectacular Show, Juggling Club is pulling out all the stops: knives, unicycles and exercise balls are set to be on display this weekend.

Founded in 2003, Case Western Reserve University’s own Juggling Club will be hosting its event in the Thwing Ballroom from 7:30-9 p.m. this weekend. This show will consist of solo acts and group pairings, and will experiment with any type of juggling you could possibly think of (but not fire).

Garrett Borawski, a freshman economics major, assures that students can expect balls, clubs, rings, diablos and knives. Kyle Smolinski, a freshman mechanical engineering major, included that passing on unicycles will occur as well.

Borawski and Smolinski, like their fellow club members, will perform in several acts throughout the show, with both men specializing in the three ball routine. Smolinski will also be part of the big ball routine, where multiple jugglers juggle several big, inflatable exercise balls. This show will include juggling with music and even a blacklight.

Senior biomedical engineering major Jonathan Duff explained that what started as a 20-minute show back in 2006 eventually grew to two hours his freshman year, but due to the the time running too long, it was condensed to what he thinks is “pure awesomeness.”

“We do less jokes,” said Duff. “There’ll be some humor—no jokes—but some humor.”

Impressive portions of the show include a group of 10 people passing 30 clubs in the air and members passing 10 clubs to one another.

Duff added, “There’ll also be some Chinese yo-yo, and some contact juggling, which is when you take a certain sphere and manipulate it; it’ll blow your mind.”

Jonathan also disclosed that there will be someone on a five-foot unicycle, known as a giraffe unicycle, on one foot.

Duff put the awe-inspiring show into perspective, when he described past audience reactions. “Usually you just sit there with your mouth open for 10 minutes,” he said.

Event: Juggling Spectacular
Date: Feb. 27-28
Location: Thwing Ballroom
Price: Free