Juicy J announced as replacement Fall Concert performer

Students have mixed feelings on selection


Courtesy Juicy J Facebook

Juicy J will be replacing Neon Tress for CWRU’s Fall concert.

Enio Chinca, Staff Reporter

The University Program Board recently announced that Juicy J will be the replacement performer for Case Western Reserve University’s 2014 Fall Concert. Juicy J, a rap musician, is famous for songs such as “Low” and “Bounce It.” Neon Trees was originally scheduled to perform, but canceled after their bassist underwent open heart surgery.

UPB said they would choose someone from the original list of potential performers, including acts such as M.I.A, Timeflies and Walk the Moon, to replace Neon Trees. With such a diverse list of potential performers, students had mostly negative responses to the ultimate decision.

“I really hate Juicy J,” said sophomore Barry Teich, furious with the new performer. “His rap has no meaning. Bring Wu-Tang Clan instead.”

Yoofi Mensah was also concerned with the decision. “As the producer of Satellite Beats, I have to say that some of his production is good but I don’t like the way he raps. He’s not what you would call a chip off the old block.”

Freshman Spencer Sharp was less upset with the replacement. He was only disappointed because “Neon Trees would have been better.”

He was not the only student that felt this way. Junior Jonathan Parks felt similarly. “No. I was happy with Neon Trees.”

Not all students were upset however. “It will be interesting,” said freshman Yii-Ru Yeh. “I don’t know Juicy J except for his thing with Katy Perry.”

The new performer is not the only change UPB made to this year’s Fall Concert; in past years, student attendees could bring one guest free of charge. This year, for $10, students are able to bring up to four guests with them to the concert.

With mixed feelings regarding the upcoming concert, UPB’s concert hype hinges on Juicy J’s ability to perform. The question remains if his show will stand up to past acts, or fail to impress.