Juniper police headquarters to be torn down, replaced with new alumni wing

Gabrielle Buffington, Staff Reporter

It seems like everyday at Case Western Reserve University there are orange cones and yellow helmets. But there are no blockades or construction workers around the police headquarters on Juniper. Just a sign on the front lawn that reads “Future site of the Linsalata Alumni Center.”

Although the Juniper headquarters will be torn down, the Dispatch Center on Adelbert Road, which houses most of the police department’s radio equipment and phones, will remain standing.

Sgt. Jeffrey Daberko, who has been with the CWRU Police Department since 2006, is familiar with the never-ending construction here in University Circle.

“They’re going to tear our house down and build another wing to the Alumni Center,” said Daberko. “There’s no exact time table of when they want to do that, but that’s the eventual plan.”

The Alumni House has been planning an expansion and was recently bestowed a $4 million pledge by Frank and Jocelyne Linsalata. F. Linsalata is a CWRU alumnus, chairman and founder of Linsalata Capital Partners and a member of the university’s board of trustees, while his wife serves on the Inamori Ethics Prize Committee as well as several other university groups.

Daberko said that the project will not begin until they find a new location for the police headquarters.

“They can’t tear down our house until they give us a place to go,” said Daberko. “They have to find a place for us to go and give us a chance to move before they can begin demolition and construction for the new alumni center.”

The decision for the new police headquarters’ location, and the decision of when construction of the Linsalata Wing will commence, will come soon, but there are no definite dates.

Until that day comes, he says, “We’ll just sit in our little house until they tear it down around us.”