Kids Against Hunger co-sponsors documentary screening with Film Society

Aneeka Ayyar, Contributing Reporter

On Sept. 4, Kids Against Hunger (KAH) partnered with the Film Society to give students a Strosacker screening of the 2012 documentary “A Place at the Table,” directed by Kristi Jacobson and Lori Silverbush. With free admission for all, and free popcorn and soda handed out to the first 75 attendees, students settled in to watch the emotionally moving film.

“A Place at the Table” is a documentary about hunger in the USA. The film shows the food insecurities that poor Americans face each day, showing that, for low-income families, unhealthy food choices such as McDonald’s provide a cheaper alternative to purchasing fruits and vegetables, contributing to the obesity epidemic.

“The movie blew me away,” said junior Kiran Bandi, president of KAH. “I wanted others to feel what I did.”

KAH hopes that the film screening will help increase the club’s membership and advertise their upcoming events, which include general body meetings and packaging meals for hungry families.

“The purpose of the event was to spread awareness for the club and the issues it helps to resolve,” said sophomore Elizabeth Caceci, co-director of the Film Society.

According to Bandi, the food packaging events are their most popular, with almost 200 people participating.

“Last year, we packed 37,112 meals—a new record,” she said. In total, the club has served over 100,000 with their packaged meals, and they hope to package at least 500,000 meals in the next three years.