Lazy Vibes Crew offers a relaxation reminder

Kevin Smith, Opinion Editor

With finals rapidly approaching, it’s easy to put off studying and preparing until the last minute. It is Case Western Reserve University, so it’s not unexpected that the workload is heavy on many students. All-nighters become common. Often, students study for hours at a time, with little breaks or none at all.

Recently, a campus clothing brand, Lazy Vibes Crew, has dedicated their image to stressing the importance of not only working hard, but working smart.

This student-owned clothing line sports multiple logos, all of which relate to the concept of relaxation. Their secondary logos are a comfortable couch and three multicolored balloons; their primary logo, a koala, sleeps over 18 hours a day.

Its founders, D.J. Gopie and Ohiosuman Ehimiaghe, both come from the New England area and have been best friends since the sixth grade. Though they are both pre-health majors in their third year, they decided to go into the clothing business this summer.

“We thought about it this summer, one week before coming into Case. Like over the summer we were doing internships and all, volunteering and all that stuff,” said Gopie. “We didn’t have much time to take to ourselves. And then we thought ‘Oh, our personalities are pretty relaxed.‘ People think we’re lazy, I guess.”

“We’re not lazy people, but our free time, we’re like, our free time is free,” Eh said. “Like, we’re both Pre-Health, we’re clearly not lazy.”

The brand’s creators hope that their clothing sends a message to students: Work hard, but enjoy your free time.

“When you relax, we want you to actually think and breathe,” said Gopie. “Take time for yourself, and keep your mind right. They don’t even have to buy the clothes, but adopt the culture and lifestyle that we’re putting out there.”

As finals loom over Thanksgiving break, Lazy Vibes Crew’s message will become even more pertinent, as projects and exams start to accumulate in the early December weeks.