Letter to the Editor

Sara Tillie

I found last week’s fashion rant, “Redefining the Spartan Look,” both rude and completely unnecessary. After reading it, I was disappointed that The Observer wasted an entire page on an article that contributed so little. Fashion can be an excellent outlet to express oneself and sometimes an awesome outfit might lead to new opportunities to make friends or strike up conversation. But fashion is bent on personal prerogatives. The list of “rules” to dress for success blatantly bashes the idea of freedom, the very cornerstone of fashion.

Who cares what logo is “emblazoned” across one’s chest, whether or not one is wearing sweatpants, or rocking tie-dye. Maybe the hideous zombie t-shirt was a gift from a loving grandma, a family emergency left no time to change out of the sweatpants from last night, or the athlete wearing gym clothes to class just finished a grueling practice because they are dedicated to both academic and athletic success. Fashion can enhance life, but why should we so harshly judge each other on appearances? Tie-dye pants and tie-dye top? No problem; it might be on the runway in Paris next spring anyway.

“Walk a mile in their shoes” is cliché, but absolutely appropriate here. I agree only with the confidence message in the final paragraph, but I am afraid the lackluster attempt to hide the mostly arrogant nature of the article is too little too late.