Letter to the Editor

While reading the article “What you tour guide won’t tell you about Case Western,” I became incredibly frustrated by the lack of self-awareness expressed in the article. I agree that there are many aspects of the university that students could be better informed about; however, the article seemed like an over-entitled, petulant diatribe. Life isn’t fair and no institution is perfect. In a few short years, every student at this university will move on to bigger and better things in the ‘real world.’ In this mythical place, individuals take responsibility for themselves and the situations they are in.

In my time at CWRU, I have witnessed near-constant grumbling about how the institution is not living up to expectations. Contrary to what the article asserts, there is a wealth of resources available at the university for students. As an individual who has had several different roles at CWRU, I can assure you that there are numerous individuals who are committed to improving the experience of students. Instead of imagining a better situation than you are in right now, acknowledge that nothing in the world will improve if you do not do something about it.

In order to have an improved student experience, you need to advocate for your positions. If you strongly believe that the library should be open on university and federal holidays, reach out to the library administrators. If you are not happy with the selection of food in the dining hall, discuss your concerns with the café managers or chose not to have a meal plan after your second year. If you are frustrated about curricula, consider what could be improved and make a proposal to academic administrators. If you prefer collective action, you can participate in committees of USG and RHA, such as Academic Affairs, Information Technology or Residential Relations. I would challenge every CWRU student to become an engineer of a better future, rather than just complain about what should be changed by someone else.

Sarah Hyde-Pinner, CAS 2006

P.S. If anyone wants to find something to do in Cleveland, I would be happy to give you a guided tour.