Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

A university community should participate in open dialogue about ideas and suggestions, issues and concerns both within that community and abroad. A student newspaper is and should be the medium and outlet for such campus wide dialogue. Andrew Breland’s opinion piece, “What Your Tour Guides Don’t Tell You about Case Western,” has gotten the attention of students and administrators alike, agitating the absurd notion that the bubble we call University Circle is a utopia of fulfillment and diversity and thought.

Students seem to have lost, or at the very least are suppressing, their spirits of passion and curiosity that should drive success and facilitate education. This, I feel, is the electricity surging through Andrew Breland’s piece. It is an electricity that runs through every student that cares about his or her home for what should be among the most stimulating and fruitful years of his or her life; an electricity that shows itself like lightning, awe-inspiring and wild; an electricity that cannot merely be turned off with a switch.

If we all allow that energy to flow through us we would re-establish the desire to converse and participate in a greater dialogue. If we allow ourselves to get worked up over things and look closer at ourselves and the world, the haze of discontent and disillusionment would dissipate, and clouds of growth would billow across our community.

Jacob Martin
Undergraduate Student