Letter to the Editor

I would like to present additional information concerning the recent investigation into Student Activities Fee (SAF) money. Why did this paper not report on the advantages presented to itself due to their allocation of SAF money? The Observer staff gets paid for the work that they do-unlike a majority of other student organizations.

Yes, the money for student staff doesn’t come directly from the SAF-it comes from advertising revenue. The rules surrounding the SAF specifically state that it can’t be used for student salaries. Some of this revenue comes from student groups however. The SAF money is used for operating costs while this ad revenue has a final resting place in students’ pockets. So how fair is it for this paper to criticize other student groups about their spending when the staff is using the SAF to create a loophole so they can put some cash in their pocket?

What specifically does this organization do that sets them above the others? Work long nights? No, everyone does that. Writes intellectually illuminating articles? Yes, my whole stance on bro tanks has completely changed forever. Thanks guys. I think it is time for this paper to reset itself and remind themselves that they are a college newspaper-not a professional organization. You don’t need a money incentive to get people to write articles-you need to find the passionate people. Members of the other SEC organizations don’t do the things they do for money-they do it because they are passionate about making a change and because they want to give back to the CWRU community. And don’t try to argue that other schools pay their officers-you go to Case Western Reserve University and you were formed to serve the students of this university by delivering news-not ill-informed opinion articles or flashy headlines about the Student Center that we knew about last semester.

So, Mr. Editor, I implore you to start a culture of fair and passionate reporting. Also, while you are at it, as chair of Mediaboard, help the rest of your organization figure out if all of those student salaries really need to be paid. I know this will be hard while you are out spending the $3,000 you’ll make this year (as a library assistant, I’ll make a little over $2,000 this year), but I’m sure you’ll find a way. You better- as we are (indirectly) paying you enough to do so.

Theo Smith
Past Student Group President
Current Greek Life Officer