Love a Cavalier

JP. O’Hagan, Sports Editor

Superstar comes to Cleveland in long hyped trade

Perhaps this will become a quadrennial sporting event to look forward too, much like the Olympics or the World Cup.

Four years ago an NBA owner trashed his former superstar when said superstar left his team to join another in search of a championship. Can anyone guess who it was? Anyone in Cleveland? Anyone? Bueller?

Four years ago, Cleveland’s own Dan Gilbert trashed hometown hero turned traitor turned prodigal son LeBron James in what has since been dubbed “The Letter” in response to James’ own “The Decision.” Gilbert trashed James’ decision to “take my talents to South Beach,” as a “cowardly betrayal.” Four years later Minnesota Timberwolves owner Glen Taylor trashed talked superstar Kevin Love after trading the three time all-star to Gilbert’s—or James’, it depends who you ask—Cavaliers.

However, the bigger story, at least for those outside of the at times bored national sports media, is that the long discussed trade of Love to the Cavaliers has finally been completed. Love received a call mere hours after James announced his return to the Cleveland. James was on the other end and asked if Love would like to join him in his quest to bring a national championship back to Cleveland. Love answered with an obvious yes: he, like James four years prior, was looking for a championship after years of playoff plight.

The Cavaliers introduced Love on Tuesday after finalizing the deal that sent back-to-back first overall picks, Andrew Wiggins and Anthony Bennett to Minnesota. The acquisition cements the Cavaliers as NBA Championship favorites as Love is the final piece in James’ new “Big Three.”

The Cavaliers are undoubtedly the city’s best chance at breaking the 50 year championship drought in the foreseeable future. However, the pressure and the level of excellence throughout the league will not make the road to the finals an easy one. The pressure will be immense and the scrutiny even bigger. For now, the discussion is light and hopeful. Love chose the number 0 as his jersey number since his Minnesota 42 is already retired by the Cavs; the city can only hope the number isn’t predictive of the level of success this new team will achieve.