“Love is Blind” season 4 is serving up drama with a side of romance


Courtesy of Netflix

Several of this season’s key cast members, including Zack Goytowski, Micah Lussier, Kwame Appiah and Irina Solomonova (left to right), stir up drama and heart-warming moments alike in the Netflex series’ latest installment.

Shivangi Nanda, Copy Editor

In a world where first impressions and physical appearances reign supreme, ”Love is Blind” asked the question: What if love was truly blind? In search of answers, producers took a group of singles looking for love and put them through an unconventional experiment. Locked in pods, freed from distractions of the outside world for 10 days, contestants were asked to form connections “sight unseen.” As contestants navigated the challenges of falling in love based solely on emotional connection, ”Love is Blind” challenged our notions of finding love in a society that values the superficial.

On March 24, 2023 the fourth season of this popular reality TV show hit Netflix, and people can’t seem to get enough. The chaotic cycles of drama, romance and breakups are back as hosts Nick and Vanessa Lachey introduce 30 new hopeless romantics looking for “the one.”  Several love triangles, tears and long talks later, five couples emerged engaged and ready to start their new life together. 

While it would be nice to believe these success stories are genuine, critics have shown time and again how “Love is Blind” chooses good entertainment in lieu of vulnerable human interaction—but this isn’t news to us. Fans crave the drama that comes from big reveals and grand gestures, knowing they would never occur in real-life. Additionally, research shows that these unrealistic depictions fuel equally unrealistic expectations and stereotypes about actual relationships. This aside, “Love is Blind” uses its platform to promote a wholesome and hopeful message—that compatibility and emotional connection can trump the superficiality of modern dating culture—and I am here for it!

In this most recent installment, audiences seemed drawn to three couples that highlighted the struggle of finding love and the fragility of relationships. The cautionary tale this season is of criminal defense lawyer Zack Goytowski and his ex-fiance, business owner Irina Solomanova. In the pods, the pair sparked an instant connection, bonding over shared perspectives on life and growing up feeling misunderstood and misheard. Even when their relationship was put to the test by Zach’s other love interest Bliss Poureetezadi, Solomanova and Goytowski chose each other and made it official with a musical proposal. After the engagement, however, issues arose. Upon the big reveal, it was immediately clear that Solomanova was underwhelmed by Goytowski’s appearance, a fact she made clear could not be overlooked. Their eventual breakup led to yet another twist when producers invited former-love interest Poureetezadi back onto the show to reignite her flame with Goytowski.

Facing similar turmoil were Jackie Bonds and Marshall Glaze, who at first seemed to be a perfect match in the pods and in the first couple days following their engagement. In the recent episodes we saw Bonds feel herself becoming dissatisfied by Glaze’s personality and short temper, leading her to rethink the relationship and her love for Glaze. This uncertainty was heightened by the return of Bond’s other love interest on the show, Josh Demas, who confessed he still has feelings for her.

But all hope is not lost. Like Cameron Hamilton and Lauren Speed in season one, Tiffany Pennywell and Brett Brown emerged as the couple everyone has been rooting for. Despite an unsteady start when Pennywell fell asleep during Brown’s confession, the pair came to recognize that their love for each other was sacred and special. In my mind, their understanding and deep respect for one another makes them the only couple with potential to leave the altar married.

Just like past seasons, “Love is Blind” holds its own in the realm of reality TV,  taking audiences on a journey filled with laughter, tears and cheers every step of the way. While not every couple will make it to the altar, viewers are undoubtedly left with a newfound appreciation for the importance of emotional connections and good conversation. Hated and loved contestants alike are pivotal in pushing forth this message. In the end, the show helps demonstrate that love is beautiful, love is uncertain and love can even be found blind.