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LTTE: A response from CWRU Students for Justice in Palestine regarding President Kaler’s recent email

To President Kaler,

Case Western Reserve University’s Students for Justice in Palestine writes to you in response to your email addressed to the university community on Oct. 13.

We feel betrayed by you and the CWRU administration, and find your recent email to the CWRU community to be insensitive, complicit and regressive. Your refusal to explicitly acknowledge Israel’s war crimes against Palestinian civilians (AP News) and failure to even mention the Palestinians by name in your most recent statement is extremely disappointing and harmful. While CWRU SJP has consistently advocated for freedom and peace, and called for productive dialogue within our community, this email only undermines this progress.

It is disappointing that you write about “terrorism” without mentioning the recent overwhelming violence the Israeli government has subjected Gazan civilians to. The unlawful and anti-humanitarian restriction of essential resources such as water, gas, food and electricity of Palestinians is in violation of the Geneva Convention, which explicitly identifies collective punishment against a group of people as a war crime. The Palestinian people are frequently dehumanized through the use of insensitive and dangerous language, being labeled as “human animals” by Defense Minister Yoav Gallant (NPR). This language coincides with the current war crimes being committed against Palestinians, including the forced evacuation of 1.1 million people in northern Gaza (New York Times), the targeting of civilians in Gaza (CNBC) and the use of white phosphorus in Gaza and Lebanon (Human Rights Watch), resulting in the deaths of over 2,000 Palestinians, including over 700 children (CNN). It is to our uttermost dismay that this reality is being ignored.

It is even more disheartening to read your email given the work SJP accomplished with you throughout the last year. We believed you were committed to fostering a safe environment for Palestinian students on campus, but your recent email proves otherwise. We demand an immediate condemnation of the numerous war crimes Israel has committed. As we stated in our last statement, we do not condone war crimes or violence against civilians, the elderly or children. Furthermore, CWRU SJP has been a frequent advocate for peace, and maintains that those unilaterally calling for the Palestinians to submit and stop resisting are not calling for peace. Emails such as the one you sent out on Oct. 13 are damaging not only to Palestinians, but also to the CWRU community and the surrounding Cleveland area. There is injustice in propagating misinformation. We demand, President Kaler, that you escape this destructive narrative.

CWRU SJP thanks the CWRU Office of Multicultural Affairs (OMA) for their statement and in taking the time to use 29 different sources to provide the necessary context for this issue. President Kaler, we encourage you to uphold the OMA’s statement as the standard when addressing the university community. The harmful rhetoric present in your email reinforces anti-Palestinian sentiments that dehumanizes Palestinians and creates an unsafe environment that deliberately fuels stereotypes against Palestinians, Arabs and other minorities that support peace in Palestine. It is of the utmost importance and imminence that CWRU condemns Israeli apartheid in order to move towards peace and understanding.




This letter is co-signed by the following 98 supporters:

CWRU Clubs

CWRU African American Student Organization

CWRU African Students Association

CWRU App Innovators & Developers Club

CWRU Black Law Students Association

CWRU Black Student Union

CWRU Brotherhood

CWRU Class Officer Collective 2024

CWRU Flea Market

CWRU La Alianza

CWRU Letterboxing

CWRU Muslim Law Students Association

CWRU Muslim Students’ Association

CWRU Nigerian Student Association

CWRU Pakistani Students Association

CWRU Sisterhood

Refugee Outreach Collective CWRU School of Law

CWRU Western Reserve Abolition Project


CWRU Faculty

Professor Ananya Dasgupta

Dr. Hesham Elsharkawy CWRU School of Medicine

Professor Pete Moore

Professor Ted Steinberg

Professor Timothy Black CWRU School of Law


Nationwide University SJPs


Miami University SJP

Colgate SJP



Oberlin SJP

Denison SJP


Duke SJP

Rice SJP


UAkron SJP


UC Boulder SJP


UCincinnati SJP

Louisville SJP




Johns Hopkins SJP


Kent State SJP

Wayne State SJP

UW-Madison SJP

OSU Moritz Law SJP

Stanford SJP


Nationwide University Clubs

Dartmouth University Palestine Solidarity Coalition

Eastern Michigan Muslim Students’ Association

MSU Students United for Palestinian Rights

NYU Bengali Students Association

OSU Art of Freedom Dabke

OSU Bengali Student Association

OSU Jordanian Student’s Organization

OSU Mu Delta Alpha

OSU Muslim Student Association

OSU Muslim Pharmacy Student Association

OSU Palestinian Women’s Association

OSU Pakistani American Students’ Association

OSU Somali Students Association

OU Divine Feline

Townson Muslim Student Association

UMN Somali Students Association

UToledo Alpha Lambda Mu

UToledo Lebanese Students Association

UToledo Muslim Students’ Association

University of St. Thomas Somali Students Association

UC Muslim Lawyer Association


Businesses & Organizations

Algebra Tea House

Al-Awda, the Palestine Right of Return Movement (PRRM)

Arab American Voter Project


CAIR Cleveland (Council on American-Islamic Relations)

Cleveland Peace Action

DSA Cleveland (Democratic Socialists of America)

Ellipsis Institute for Womxn of Color in the Academy

Fadi Kayali LLM

Highland Throwbacks Cleveland

Inter-religious Task Force for Human Rights in Central America and Colombia

Jannah Properties LLC

Jewish Voice for Peace Cleveland

Kenko Cleveland


Lanister Holdings LLC

National SJP

Nubian Markets


Ohio Student Association

OPAWL Ohio (Ohio Progressive Asian Women’s Leadership)

Palestinian American Heritage Society

Palestinian Youth Movement

Party for Socialism and Liberation NE Ohio

Pierced Poets’ Productions

Safer Heights

Salaam Jewelry

The 3rabishop

U.S. AutoSales

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