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LTTE: Response to Steinberg LTTE dated November 17, 2023

We write to address misleading statements in Ted Steinberg’s Nov. 17 Letter to the Editor accusing the university of “[o]penly siding with a foreign government.”

On Oct. 7, Hamas terrorists launched a massacre on Israeli and foreign citizens, kidnapping over 240 people and murdering over 1,200. Hamas intentionally targeted civilians, and the victims were overwhelmingly civilians. They ranged in age from infants to 86, and many were tortured before they were killed.

On Oct. 13, President Kaler, along with hundreds of local organizations and public officials, signed a brief statement declaring that they “condemn the brutality of Hamas or any other terrorist group, and stand with Israel and the Jewish people.” The statement mentioned neither the Israeli government nor its response to the attacks. In fact, Israel’s ground invasion of Gaza had not even begun.

Professor Steinberg’s letter asserts that the university should “be neutral when it comes to political action.” We fail to see how standing with civilians victimized by terrorism constitutes inappropriate political action. For instance, nobody publicly objected when the university expressed solidarity with the Ukrainian people following Russia’s invasion. An institution that cannot stand against shocking and brutal acts of terror would be devoid not only of politics but also of basic human values that are an essential part of a liberal education.

We thank President Kaler for his leadership during this contentious time and mourn the continued suffering in both Israel and Gaza as the conflict continues.


Anat Alon-Beck, LLB, LLM, JSD, Associate Professor, LAW

Elvera L. Baron, MD, PhD, Associate Professor, SoM

Alexis E. Block,, Assistant Professor, CSE

Justin Buchler, PhD, Associate Professor, CAS

Hillel J. Chiel, PhD, Professor, CAS

Alanna E. Cooper, PhD, Assistant Professor, CAS

Elliot Gardner, PhD, Assistant Professor, CAS

Jay Geller, PhD, Professor, CAS

Elina Gertsman, PhD, Distinguished University Professor, CAS

Jerry Goldberg, DDS, Professor, SoDM

Sharona Hoffman, LLM, SJD, Edgar A. Han professor, LAW

Danny Manor, PhD, Professor, SoM

Aviva Rothman, PhD, Associate Professor, CAS

Daniel Shoag, PhD, Associate Professor, WSoM

Glenn D. Starkman, PhD, Distinguished University Professor, CAS

Aaron Weinberg, DMD, PhD, professor, SoDM

Idit Zehavi, PhD, Professor, CAS

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