Medical school student wins ITS app contest

Talia Gragg, Staff Reporter

Medical school student Emeka Anyanwu has won the ITS App contest for designing an app that reports wireless and mobile signal strength on Case Western Reserve University’s campus. The app, to be released in March, will record areas of campus receiving weak or no wireless signal, and send that information to ITS.

ITS will then be able to better diagnose which areas of campus are in need of the most wireless signal improvement. Second place winner of the contest is Carlin Jackson and third place is shared by Matthew Wollerman and James Hale.

The contest, sponsored by both ITS and the Undergraduate Student Government IT Committee, is part of ITS’s $5 million improvement plan. This plan is spread over years and phases with the intent to improve wireless signal over the entire campus. Areas needing the most attention are being addressed first, while the other areas will be reached in the coming years. New and improved signals which have been added, as well as the app contest to make an app for reporting weak or no signal, make up a few of the plans that ITS has formed to address the wireless problems around campus.