Meghna Srikanth

Year: Third
Major: Biomedical Engineering
Hometown: Columbus, Ohio

What is your biggest goal for USG in the 2014-2015 Academic Year?
I hope to improve the relationship between students and faculty in order to create a more welcoming environment in the School of Engineering. Additionally, I would like to create more venues for engineers to interact with one another in addition resources provide by the university such as the co-op program and SOURCE.

Other campus positions outside of USG: 
Member of Kappa Alpha Theta

Prior USG experience / initiatives undertaken
Representative of the School of Engineering for two years.
Initiatives include Tobacco Free Policy and Vegan/Vegetarian options.

What is the biggest issue you see your position having to face? How do you specifically plan on tackling it?
I think the biggest issue is pin pointing problems within the School of Engineering. Each major within engineering have a variety of problems. None of these problems are universal. I feel that by focusing on the smaller issues within each major and larger impact can be made to the School of Engineering.