MOCA hosts Halloween silent disco

The Museum of Contemporary Art’s (MOCA) sold-out silent disco was turning people away as I waltzed into to the museum, receiving a pair headphones from the lady at the front desk. The headphones were definitely not of the highest quality, but I slid them over my ears and started bobbing away to the music.

A fun aspect of this was the fact that I had the power to choose my DJ. With just one click of a button I could simply change the entire atmosphere of the room. DJ Lawrence Daniel Caswell lived up to the “disco” aspect of the event and played upbeat disco songs throughout the night. DJ Red-I was really the life of the party, bumping all the hits from the Michael Jackson classic “Thriller” to Drake’s “Hotline Bling.”

I wasn’t super impressed with any of the decorations MOCA had up during the event, and felt that a more-inspired Halloween atmosphere would have really added to the event. The only attempts at Halloween style decorations seemed to be a simple maze with candy at the end all the way up on the third floor and projected black-and-white movies behind the DJs on the dance floor.

That being said, the people attending the event went all out in some incredible Halloween costumes, from Mary Poppins to a herd of “party” animals. The costume contest was super competitive but the winner was a person dressed up as a naked lady in a hilarious skin color body suit. The runners-up from the contest were as follows: in second place a impressively realistic Carrie, in third was Dexter and his victim and in fourth was Red Eyes.

One of the most enjoyable components to the silent disco was the ability to truly adjust and tailor your experiences to your preferences. For instance if the music was too loud all I had to do was lower the volume and if I wanted to enjoy a conversation with the other people at the event I could just remove my headphones.

While my favorite component to the event was busting a move out on the dance floor, other guests had their input on the most impressive feature of the night.

“Let me tell you, my favorite part [of the silent disco] was the karaoke,” said Jill, an attendee. “I’m a breast cancer survivor. This is my second time out since being a breast cancer survivor and this is probably the best time that I’ve had.”

Jill enjoyed belting it out to “Hootie and the Blowfish” and “Addicted to Love.”

Steve Rogers, another attendee, enthusiastically said, “It was astounding!”

All in all, the event was a blast and I got to commemorate the night by posing for some pictures at the photo booth before heading out. I would give the event four out five stars, simply because I wish MOCA would have done just a little bit more decoration or possibly a presented a cool exhibit to truly get me into the spirit of Halloween.

Event: MOCA Halloween silent disco
Location: Museum of Contemporary Art
Date: Oct. 24, 2015
Rating: ★★★★☆