Model UN wins award at recent conference

Adithi Iyengar, Staff Reporter

The Model United Nations (MUN) club had a huge success recently when their team captain, Priyakrit Chari, won the Outstanding Delegate Award at the 42nd annual National Collegiate Security Conference (NCSC) at Georgetown University.

For people who want to learn to debate, speak publicly and hone their writing skills, MUN is a good place to start. Club members act as delegates and diplomats from various countries, coming together to solve problems.

Throughout the semester, MUN attends various conferences. So far, they have travelled to Ohio State University, the University of Pennsylvania, and Georgetown to hone their skills and work with students from other MUN clubs.

Conferences are typically spread out through four days, with five sessions. According to MUN historian, junior Joshua Perry, every conference runs differently. Some are general assembly based, and focus on general issues, while others are crisis-based, and focus on more specific issues.

Judging is based on accurate portrayal of the country, resolution writing and debating skills.

The NCSC ran from Oct. 23 to 26. Chari’s award was for doing the second best in the committee during the conference.

“[MUN] promotes global awareness, as well as fostering opportunities to improve one’s speaking skills,” said Perry.

Even though it is the middle of the semester, people can still join the club and practice.

“We’ve had training sessions even frequently throughout the semester to both give experience to our new members and also to sharpen the skills of our veterans,” said Perry.